Monday, June 09, 2008

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Or just shut up.

Big company. Big PR problem. And in response...big, big full-page NYT ad.

Texas big. Hummer big. Forest-depleting big.

You want to run an ad campaign trying to convince people you’re not the environment’s worst enemy?

Run smaller ads. Fewer of them. Use them over again before you make new ones.

Don’t worry—no one will get bored. No one’s reading these ads any way.

Or take the media buy and fund alternative-fuel startups.


Mister Thistle said...

Good seeing you, too, Steve. Nice site, fun read. The problem is, how the hell to you get traffic to these @#$%*@ sites? Every actor, even every writer, needs an audience.

Milt Lowe

M3 said...

Mr. Feinberg,

Mr. Magee requests a cyber-meeting (or maybe an old-fashioned phone call). Send up a smoke signal with your contact info since he can't find anyone who has it.